It is entirely possible to masturbate a mosquito with a pair of tweezers if you can find a mosquito who will not bite you in the process. So the activity is possible but not pragmatic.

January 15, 2022 — I do like this blog thing … I can vent all I want and nobody but a damned few loyalists can see any of it. LOL.

So I guess today is the day that an expected crowd of 67 Thousand people are going to converge on Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) to crowd into a football stadium and watch their home town team (The Bengals) get their asses kicked …or maybe … by some devilish throw of the dice, actually win the damned game.

In any event I am certain that the majority of the “Fans” of this team will spend the entire event without a mask on and a lot of them will have been unvaccinated against the covid-19 and its variants … and so the event is destined to be a super spreader if nothing else.

Along with the prospect of such a large number of careless idiots jamming themselves into a stadium, refusing to practice social distancing, not wearing a mask and screaming into each others’ faces over the excitement of what is going on down on the playing field, many of them will be getting drunker by the minute and the whole thing will turn out to be a disaster for a few hundred, maybe even a few thousand of their ignorant asses.

I met one of these stupid dumb-asses coming out of a local grocery store the other day and his attitude about masks and vaccines and social distancing was on this order … “My faith is bigger than my fear. Everybody has to die sometime.”

In my mind, that kind of talk is representative of the vast number of mindless dick breaths living in this country who have had their noses up the asses of ultra-conservatism for far too long and who have become so self-centered and selfish that they are more than willing to sacrifice their own lives and the lives of their loved ones and of strangers over the misinformation their right wing criminal cohorts have been feeding them about the safety measures that could save them from getting this awful pandemic virus and biting the big one for the final time.

I used to pray for cockbreaths like this but now I have a new attitude … Let them go ahead and be fools and kill themselves if they want to. This is Free America and their are entitled to do that if they want to …. but they sure as hell are not entitled to do it to me.

Time to finally put Biden’s vaccine mandates behind us !

That’s what the more ignorant factions of the Right Wing are peddling these days. They can’t wait for their Republican-stacked Supreme Court to defeat the president’s vaccine mandates — just the same as most, if not all Republican governors would like to do for the people of their various states ….so that millions more of our fellow citizens can get sick and possibly die from the Coronavirus and its many variants. That is just how god damned dumb, selfish and uncaring some of these slugs are!

Yes, Insurrection Can Happen Again!

In fact, the insurrection that took place when a bunch of low life neanderthal arm -pit-sniffing monkeys attacked the U.S. Capitol was probably only a kind of dress rehearsal for something worse the scum slum-dwellers have in mind for sometime in the probable not-too-distant future. Once slime, always slime!

The next attempt to steal the election may not be as dramatic and in-our-faces as the on that happened on January 6th of last year. The right wing slime suckers are already in the process of trying to infiltrate all the local authorities-in-charge-of-election offices that they can get themselves elected to so that they can control the voting process from the grassroots level.

The next time, the insurrection will most likely be orchestrated in such a manner as the destroyers of democracy will implant themselves in positions of absolute power by taking over the very mechanisms of elections, at the level of the ballot box, rather than storming the steps of a government building.

America knows all this shit already but for some reason nobody is doing a damned thing to keep it from happening — the democrats are sitting on their asses doing nothing but talking and complaining and the Republicans are acting as cheerleaders for the perps who can actually do the work of stealing the democracy.

So hunker down, America, the days of your fascist nightmare is even now creeping forth from the sullied ground of crashed traditions and is wrapping its’ budding tendrils of destruction around every inclination, every dream, every ambition that you have ever cherished for yourselves and your loved ones.

The devil is truly walking among us today, my friends, and His name is Right Wing Radical.

Twenty Twenty-Two

A new year is dawning and the horrible pandemic virus is raging even more than it ever has. Wonderful prospects for a new year, right?

Here’s the story, folks — The pandemic is now being driven by the ignorant assholes who refuse to get their vaccines and wear their masks when mixing with other people.

The medical experts keep pleading with the anti-vaxxers and the anti-maskers to do the right thing with no real results.

The government doesn’t seem to have the balls to do the right thing and force those who are driving the pandemic to wear their masks and get their shots or face fines and jail time.

We are fast approaching the time when we will see half a million new infections from this disease in a day’s time … it is already knocking at the door of a quarter million.

I have no doubt that because of government inaction and assholes’ ignorance and refusal to do the right thing, none of us are going to escape getting one of the variants of this plague no matter what we do.

I fully suspect that within the space of one more year, every living American will have contracted some form of this god damned virus or the other. It is a crying shame but I believe that is what is going to happen because of the ignorance of those who live as though there were no such thing as a pandemic.

There is no escape from the new lepers and their death wish.

OMG Just Look!

Just look at all the traffic on this thing! I am so glad that I did not spend any money to create this blog. I feel like i am sitting at the bottom of a dry well shouting up to the opening above to a world where no one lives. But there is some consolation at least … a bird sometimes flies over the well and shits on my head. That is worth something, after all, right?

At Last! Reliable Internet Service!

IRELIABLE UNLIMITED INTERNET — I have just signed up with an Internet Service Provider who promises totally unlimited data, no throtting, no contract, and no data caps. If you are interested you can check it out by contacting “Reliable Internet” at:

I am totally thrilled because it is working for me as expected and it runs on the AT&T network. (I am not being compensated for mentioning either the AT&T network nor Reliable Internet Services LLC.


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